Click on a title below each introduction to go to that issue.

‘From the Bookshelf to the Classroom and Beyond’, Issue 46 – September 2013 – This edition of Encounters is dedicated to book reviews by members of the faculty of Redcliffe College.

‘A Many Colour Vision of Hope’, Issue 45 – July 2013 – This edition looks at the topic of  sharing the Gospel of Christ in innovative ways from three different angles.

‘Reading the Bible with the Global Church’, Issue 44 – March 2013 – This edition looks at the topic of Reading the bible from the perspective of various countries around the world.

‘More New Voices in Mission’, Issue 43 – December 2012 – Each of the four articles published below represent the fruit of some excellent thinking and research by postgraduate students at Redcliffe College.

Christian Perspectives on Water – local and global challenges in times of scarcity and plenty, Issue 42 – October 2012 – This edition focuses on the topic of water and considers missional responses in different water-stressed parts of the world.

Sport and Mission, Issue 41 – July 2012 – This issue of Encounters focuses on the theme of Sport.

De-mything Economic Well-being; Biblical and Theological Responses to Economic Injustice, Issue 40 – April 2012 – Exploring issues of economic (in)justice and provides Christian responses in a variety of contexts.

Global Leadership in an age of unknowing, Issue 39 – January 2012
Exploring the issue of toxic leadership and two evaluation tools that help in understanding an organisations culture.

The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God, Issue 38 – September 11
Based on Dr Rob Cook’s ‘2011 Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity’: The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God’.

Energising the Future – Challenge and Change, Issue 37 – June 11
Information on contemporary energy issues and the challenge of safeguarding a sustainable future.

Faith in Europe, Issue 36 – March 11
Considering the role of Christians and the church in relation to Europe’s Political Leaders.

Justice and Mission, Issue 35 – December 10
A number of topics which highlight the central role of justice in contemporary mission.

Resourcing Asian Mission Movements . – Issue 34 – September 10 
Papers from the 2010 Asian Mission consultation

The Psalms and Mission. Issue 33 – June 10
Prof Gordon Wenham’s lecture on The Nations in the Psalms with various related articles.

Christianity and World ReligionsIs there a relationship between our theology and practice?. Issue 32 – March 10

Technology and Mission. Issue 31 – December 09

Asian Mission Movements: Competition or Collaboration? Issue 30 – September 09
Papers from the second Asian Mission consultation.

The Bible and Mission. Issue 29 – June 09
Chris Wright’s lecture on ‘The Bible and Mission’ and responses from around the globe.

Mission and the Environment in a Finite World. Issue 28 – March 09
Papers from the recent Redcliffe College/JRI Environment Day.

New Voices in Mission. Issue 27 – December 08
Features articles from young missiologists.

Something to Think About. Issue 26 – October 08
Issue 26 examines issues and trends in mission today.

Mission Reading. Issue 25 – August 08
Issue 25 seeks to inform and inspire your summer reading.

Partnership Issues in Asian Mission. Issue 24 – June 08
Papers from the recent ‘Growing Asian Mission Movements’ conference.

Emerging Church – part two. Issue 23 – April 08
Issue 23 continues the conversation on emerging church and mission.

Emerging Church – part one. Issue 22 – February 08
Issue 22 begins a conversation on emerging church and mission.

In the Eye of the Storm. Issue 21 – December 07
Issue 21 deals with how the Church can move forward with confidence.

Mission and Migration. Issue 20 – October 07
Issue 20 deals with one of the really big issues in mission today: migration.

Book your Summer Holidays Now. Issue 19 – August 07
Suggestions and reflections for your Summer reading…

Soul to Soul: Christian Mission and the Future of Europe. Issue 18 – June 07
Darrell Jackson tackles the European question…

Mission and the Old Testament. Issue 17 – April 07
What is the relationship between ancient Hebrew texts and the mission of the church in the 21st century?

Crucial Issues Facing Asian Mission. Issue 16 – February 07
Asia comprises over 60% of the world’s 6 Billion people, with China and India representing over 2.3 Billion people…

Expectations in Mission. Issue 15 – December 06
What are the hopes and fears of twenty first century missionaries in training? Essential reading for anyone involved in mission, as senders, goers or supporters.

Does Development Work? Issue 14 – October 06
The question mission people forgot to ask!

Islam, Christianity and Modernity. Issue 13 – August 06
How do we, as those concerned about the mission of the church in today’s world, see the complex phenomenon of Islam?

Forgotten, Unique, Godless, Christian, post-Christian… Issue 12 – June 06
Making sense of Europe and its unique challenges for mission preparation…

Southern Comfort in a Third Space. Issue 11 – April 06
Can the South save the West (or is this the wrong question)? Dr Jonathan Ingleby investigates…

Learning from Latin America. Issue 10 – February 06
A look at regional studies, cultural issues, church growth, missional trends and partnerships.

The health of the global church. Issue 9 – December 05
Rose Dowsett asks whether we’ve got lost in bean counting and forgotten the principles of gardening.

Looking over the Precipice. Issue 8 – October 05
It’s time that we took the environment seriously. Care for God’s creation is part of our call to mission!

Re-evangelising Europe. Issue 7 – August 05
Does the evangelisation of Europe require more of what we’ve done before or do we need a new approach?

Rethinking European Mission. Issue 6 – June 05
Can mission find a unique and unified voice where politicians have failed?

‘Islamic Terrorism’ and the Palestine-Israel Conflict. Issue 5 – April 05
Rev Colin Chapman explores how we should respond as Christians…

The Asian Wave. Issue 4 – Feb 05
An in-depth look at the missiological and theological issues raised by the recent tsunami disaster…

Internationalising mission in the light of globalisation. Issue 3 – December 04
Guest Editor Peter Nicoll (Operation Mobilisation) takes a closer look…

The toxic mission organisation. Issue 2 – October 04
Rob Hay explores mission agency practices and their relationship to retention…

A ‘people groups’ strategy for mission. Issue 1 – August 04
Jonathan Ingleby suggests that the people group strategy is past its sell-by-date…

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