Encounters was established in 2004 and over that period has produced expert insight into missional issues worldwide. Browse this page to explore the Encounters back-catalogue, or use the search bar opposite to comb the site for the subjects you wish to explore. 

Hospitality and Mission. Issue 47 – Summer 2017

Encounters relaunches with a vibrant look at the interplay between mission activity and hospitality of all kinds.

From the Bookshelf to the Classroom and Beyond. Issue 46 – September 2013

This edition of Encounters is dedicated to book reviews by members of the faculty of Redcliffe College.

A Many Colour Vision of Hope. Issue 45 – July 2013

This edition looks at the topic of sharing the Gospel of Christ in innovative ways from three different angles.

Reading the Bible with the Global Church. Issue 44 – March 2013

This edition looks at the topic of Reading the bible from the perspective of various countries around the world.

More New Voices in Mission. Issue 43 – December 2012

Each of the four articles published below represent the fruit of some excellent thinking and research by postgraduate students at Redcliffe College.

Christian Perspectives on Water – local and global challenges in times of scarcity and plenty. Issue 42 – October 2012

This edition focuses on the topic of water and considers missional responses in different water-stressed parts of the world.

Sport and Mission. Issue 41 – July 2012

This issue of Encounters focuses on the theme of Sport.

De-mything Economic Well-being; Biblical and Theological Responses to Economic Injustice. Issue 40 – April 2012

Exploring issues of economic (in)justice and provides Christian responses in a variety of contexts.

Global Leadership in an age of unknowing. Issue 39 – January 2012

Exploring the issue of toxic leadership and two evaluation tools that help in understanding an organisations culture.

The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God. Issue 38 – September 11

Based on Dr Rob Cook’s ‘2011 Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity’: The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God’.

Energising the Future – Challenge and Change. Issue 37 – June 11

Information on contemporary energy issues and the challenge of safeguarding a sustainable future.

Faith in Europe. Issue 36 – March 11

Considering the role of Christians and the church in relation to Europe’s Political Leaders.

Justice and Mission. Issue 35 – December 10

A number of topics which highlight the central role of justice in contemporary mission.

Resourcing Asian Mission Movements. Issue 34 – September 10 

Papers from the 2010 Asian Mission consultation

The Psalms and Mission. Issue 33 – June 10

Prof Gordon Wenham’s lecture on The Nations in the Psalms with various related articles.

Christianity and World ReligionsIs there a relationship between our theology and practice? Issue 32 – March 10

Technology and Mission. Issue 31 – December 09

Asian Mission Movements: Competition or Collaboration? Issue 30 – September 09

Papers from the second Asian Mission consultation.

The Bible and Mission. Issue 29 – June 09

Chris Wright’s lecture on ‘The Bible and Mission’ and responses from around the globe.

Mission and the Environment in a Finite World. Issue 28 – March 09

Papers from the recent Redcliffe College/JRI Environment Day.

New Voices in Mission. Issue 27 – December 08

Features articles from young missiologists.

Something to Think About. Issue 26 – October 08

Issue 26 examines issues and trends in mission today.

Mission Reading. Issue 25 – August 08

Issue 25 seeks to inform and inspire your summer reading.

Partnership Issues in Asian Mission. Issue 24 – June 08

Papers from the recent ‘Growing Asian Mission Movements’ conference.

Emerging Church – part two. Issue 23 – April 08

Issue 23 continues the conversation on emerging church and mission.

Emerging Church – part one. Issue 22 – February 08

Issue 22 begins a conversation on emerging church and mission.

In the Eye of the Storm. Issue 21 – December 07

Issue 21 deals with how the Church can move forward with confidence.

Mission and Migration. Issue 20 – October 07

Issue 20 deals with one of the really big issues in mission today: migration.

Book your Summer Holidays Now. Issue 19 – August 07

Suggestions and reflections for your Summer reading…

Soul to Soul: Christian Mission and the Future of Europe. Issue 18 – June 07

Darrell Jackson tackles the European question…

Mission and the Old Testament. Issue 17 – April 07

What is the relationship between ancient Hebrew texts and the mission of the church in the 21st century?

Crucial Issues Facing Asian Mission. Issue 16 – February 07

Asia comprises over 60% of the world’s 6 Billion people, with China and India representing over 2.3 Billion people…

Expectations in Mission. Issue 15 – December 06

What are the hopes and fears of twenty-first-century missionaries in training? Essential reading for anyone involved in mission, as senders, goers or supporters.

Does Development Work? Issue 14 – October 06

The question mission people forgot to ask!

Islam, Christianity and Modernity. Issue 13 – August 06

How do we, as those concerned about the mission of the church in today’s world, see the complex phenomenon of Islam?

Forgotten, Unique, Godless, Christian, post-Christian… Issue 12 – June 06

Making sense of Europe and its unique challenges for mission preparation…

Southern Comfort in a Third Space. Issue 11 – April 06

Can the South save the West (or is this the wrong question)? Dr Jonathan Ingleby investigates…

Learning from Latin America. Issue 10 – February 06

A look at regional studies, cultural issues, church growth, missional trends and partnerships.

The health of the global church. Issue 9 – December 05

Rose Dowsett asks whether we’ve got lost in bean counting and forgotten the principles of gardening.

Looking over the Precipice. Issue 8 – October 05

It’s time that we took the environment seriously. Care for God’s creation is part of our call to mission!

Re-evangelising Europe. Issue 7 – August 05

Does the evangelisation of Europe require more of what we’ve done before or do we need a new approach?

Rethinking European Mission. Issue 6 – June 05

Can mission find a unique and unified voice where politicians have failed?

‘Islamic Terrorism’ and the Palestine-Israel Conflict. Issue 5 – April 05

Rev Colin Chapman explores how we should respond as Christians…

The Asian Wave. Issue 4 – Feb 05

An in-depth look at the missiological and theological issues raised by the recent tsunami disaster…

Internationalising mission in the light of globalisation. Issue 3 – December 04

Guest Editor Peter Nicoll (Operation Mobilisation) takes a closer look…

The toxic mission organisation. Issue 2 – October 04

Rob Hay explores mission agency practices and their relationship to retention…

A ‘people groups’ strategy for mission. Issue 1 – August 04

Jonathan Ingleby suggests that the people group strategy is past its sell-by-date…