Prayer Spaces in Schools: A New Enquiry into Creativity and Children’s Prayers in a Gloucestershire (UK) School

Part of Issue 45 – A Many Colour Vision of Hope

Author: Helen McGeoch, BA(Hons) Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts, Redcliffe College


Prayer Spaces in Schools commenced in British schools in 2008 more by accident than design. Though there were only a small number of events initially in southern England, the movement has rapidly spread across the United Kingdom. There is general good will of Head Teachers who are keen to give children the opportunity to be creative in a Prayer Space in their schools.

This research project is an initial enquiry as to whether the creativity that a Prayer Space offers assists the participating children in personal reflection and simple prayer. Research was carried out in a Roman Catholic Primary School in Gloucester, England. Children‟s responses were either written, photographed or recorded verbally.

The results showed that children do feel able to reflect and pray freely with the help of the creative activities in a Prayer Space. The study demonstrates that creativity enhances openness in prayer: the findings are consistent with scholarship on the spiritual development of children. The study concludes with brief reflections on mission and by highlighting some further research that is needed.

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