Prayer Spaces in Schools: Interview with Joe Knight

Part of Issue 45 – A Many Colour Vision of Hope

Author: Hugh P Kemp, Academic Dean and Head of Mission Studies, Redcliffe College


Encounters guest editor Hugh Kemp interviewed Gloucester-based Joe Knight on 23rd May, 2013. Prayer Spaces in Schools is a growing movement across the United Kingdom, and has significant missional success and potential.

Encounters: What is Prayer Spaces in Schools, and what’s your involvement in it?

JK: Prayer Spaces in Schools are events that happen in every level of education: infant, primary, secondary schools, 6th form colleges and universities. The basic idea is to create a space where people can reflect and grow in an awareness of themselves, others and God. They’re spaces that are geared to help people not just to learn about prayer, but to help people in their praying and to actually practise some of the ideas behind Christian spirituality. They’re quite flexible spaces: very open and very welcoming, to people of Faith and no Faith. And they’re geared to help students to reflect on different aspects of life, of their story, and to see how their story might fit into God’s story, and how God’s story might fit into theirs.

Full PDF: Prayer Spaces in Schools: Interview with Joe Knight

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