Leadership of Asian Mission Movements.

Author: Dr Kang-San Tan, Head of Mission Studies, Redcliffe College, and Editor of Encounters.


The quality of Asian mission leadership will be crucial given the shift of Christianity to the Non-Western world.
• The Quality of 22nd Century Christianity is dependent on how Non-Western Christianity develops in this century (Andrew Walls)
• “I have seen slaves on horseback while princes go on foot like slaves” (Ecclesiastes 10:7). The danger of poor leadership with impact of mission policies and strategies.
The workshop discussed various “critical issues” facing leadership of Asian mission movements:
• Growing pains of emerging mission movements
• Indigenous Leadership in Asia (self-governing)
• Need for new models of mission
• Under-representation of Asian Mission Leadership in UK Mission Agencies
• Questions were raised whether some weaknesses among Asian styles of leadership (hierarchical and authoritarianism) had been addressed.
Further discussion from participants related to the following areas: how Westerners could work under national, Asian leadership, different styles of leadership, cultural misunderstandings and what realistic contributions can a network of “Friends of Asian Mission” in the UK make towards addressing the issue of Good Leadership in Asian Mission.

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