Just Add Water: transforming communities by providing the missing ingredient

Introduction; is water the only missing ingredient?
You may have come across this product in a well-known supermarket in the months leading up to Christmas; this is Mary Berry’s traditional cake mix. Mary Berry says “so here it is, my Christmas cake in a bag, ready for you to get baking.” I have to tell you that I had already made my cake at this stage, but being curious and also a bit of a sceptic when it comes to food like this, I thought I’d have a look and see what it said on the packet. Now we all know that when we buy dry mix like this we have got to add some sort of fluid, but I thought that there is probably a bit more to it than that. So I was surprised to see that this is what it says on the back; it gives you a shopping list. So for the cake you need 4 medium eggs, one orange, one lemon and 210 grams of unsalted butter. For the icing you need another egg and a teaspoon of lemon juice; that is your shopping list but then you have got some equipment and you need to have this as well. An 18 or 20 cm round cake tin, non-stick baking parchment, foil and a cake board or a flat plate, and if you want your cake to look like Mary Berry’s you also need some holly and some red ribbon. So I thought my skepticism was well-founded; it is not quite a Christmas cake in a bag, is it?

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