Water – Global Challenges for the 21st Century

Margot Hodson introduced us as being part of ‘WASH’. Now in Tearfund we see water, sanitation and hygiene as working together, that for us is good practice and integration and we will be able to show you later on how, in fact, it is only by combining these components that we are going to see the full benefits of good access to safe water throughout the world. Sue and I are going to ‘bat and ball’ in this article between us to try and bring you some variation along the way.
Well, we have all seen in the news advertisements and articles like this – ‘the scarcity at the heart of the global water crisis is rooted in power, poverty and inequality’. I’m going to come along to that at the end, because we are going to be talking about a lot of physical things to do with how water is so hard to come by for many people. Ultimately, it is a power issue and a poverty issue as well. Before we really launch into our presentation, I think it is right to look at a few terms and get some terminology under our belts.

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