A Biblical Perspective on Wealth, Poverty and Prosperity

Author: Terry Lockyer


Creation as Good
In Genesis Chapter 1 God declares creation ‘good’ no less than seven times. [1] These declarations indicate both “the perfection of creation and its conformity to divine will” [2] and whilst no direct conclusion can be drawn from them in relation to manufactured goods, [3] they indicate that the material world itself cannot be declared evil as other Ancient Near Eastern Cultures held. [4] In its original sinless state creation was inheritably good and according to Genesis 2:15, man was placed within this “perfect environment,” Eden, to work and take care of it. [5]
Despite the requirement to work, however, there is no indication that in Eden this work was arduous or that it ever resulted in poverty, exploitation or shortage. As such, it is reasonable to assume that afflictions such as these resulted from the Fall and sin’s entrance into the world. For, as Johnson concludes “disobedience leads to broken relationships, and greater pain in our experience of life.” [6]

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