Biblical Clues to a New Economy

Author: Dr. Ulrich Duchrow


We are meeting in the midst of deep crises worldwide in a country that saw riots for justice last year and that has – like most of us in Europe and certainly in the USA – a government in the service of the actors in the financial markets who are protagonists in producing the most obvious crisis, the crisis of the financial system. So as brothers and sisters in Christ we are here, reflecting on our own role in the crises endangering the life of humanity and the earth, but also hoping for inspiration from God’s spirit in making another world possible.
It is evident that the crises are not just a result of the misbehaviour of some immoral individuals but the result of systemic structures interacting with collective human and cultural ways of thinking and acting. I regard the different crises as an expression of a single deep crisis of our dominating Western civilization. And this has deep historic roots that have to be understood in order to analyze what is happening now and how alternatives can be developed.

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