Business that Seeks the Well-being of Society

Author: Dr. Marijke Hoek


In a country where the pay gap is widening to Victorian levels, where estimated corporate tax avoidance stands at £35 billion, where executive pay rise is 49% and child poverty levels are considerable, it seems clear that some live in the best of times while others live in the worst of times. Beyond our nation’s boundaries, the desperate plight of the world’s poorest calls for fundamental change.
In the midst of this “tale of two cities”’, a dialogue is awakening as to how we can live more justly. The existential questions vocalised by the Occupy crowd resonate with many worldwide and reflect the search for a more economically-just and loving way of life. Though vulnerable in our time of economic-shaking, these transformational moments have the potential to lead to radical, biblical propositions.
The Judeo-Christian concept of shalom, well-being that is communal and personal, must be rediscovered in the public debate to develop a commitment to political, economic and cultural transformation which benefits poor communities as well as redeeming the rich from their relational and inner poverty. Part of the answer to the question of how we create a more economically-just society lies in enterprise, for business has the potential to bring social reform, model justice and equality, and reduce poverty.

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