The Occupy Movement, Worship and the Imagination of the Church

Author: James Butler


In the first week of the Occupy Movement’s occupation outside St Paul’s Cathedral, St Paul’s made two mistakes. Initially they wrongly assumed that there was such a thing as neutral ground, and after realising their first mistake they made another in thinking they could play the role of ‘honest broker’. Let me explain.
At the beginning of the occupation sides were drawn and everyone waited to hear what St Paul’s’ view would be. It mistakenly thought that staying silent was to express ‘no opinion’ and to remain outside the debate in some neutral ground. In reality it found that by remaining silent it was seen as siding with the banking sector, inadvertently giving support to its desire to have the occupiers forcibly removed. What’s worse is that in remaining silent, instead of staying out the way, it became a wall of protection around the banks because most of the debate centred around St Paul’s and how St Paul’s should respond, rather than about the City of London and the Banking Sector.

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