Energy Overview; What is the Role for Coal and can it be Clean?

Author: Andy Brown, Engineering Director, Progressive Energy Ltd.


Introduction – Worldviews and Creation
Let’s have a quick look at world views on sustainability. Firstly, there are two humanistic
views. The first one is the anthropocentric view that says the world is here for human use
and enjoyment. Sustainability is simply our responsibility to provide enough for fellow
humans and for future human generations. I don’t subscribe to that view. The second one is
the eco-centric view that sees humans as simply one part of an interdependent biosphere
with no greater rights than any other part, so we sustain for the greater good and have as
much responsibility for the environment as my brother’s tortoise. I don’t subscribe to that
view either. The third one, which I think makes a whole lot more sense, is the theocentric
view which sees the world, human and non-human, as deriving its value from being created
and sustained by God – now that warms my heart. The other two leave me feeling, frankly,

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