Nuclear Energy

Author: Ian Hore-Lacy is Director of Public Communications with the World Nuclear Association http://www.worldnuclear.
org, and author of Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century.


I’ll introduce myself by way of saying that I am a Botanist by background focusing on nuclear
energy. I was an inter-varsity staff worker for several years after graduation and working on
rainforest ecology. I was a school teacher for three years, a senior biology teacher. I joined
the mining industry as environmental scientist in 1974 and then moved into a number of
other roles in the industry and got involved in writing the first edition of the book, Nuclear
Electricity in 1978, which actually hooked me on nuclear power and I have progressively
moved in that direction since. It is now in its ninth edition, although only the second edition
under the title Nuclear Energy in 21st Century. It was published last year. And just to state
my position with regard to coal and renewables: in respect to coal, I think there is no way we
can or should do without it as a major resource, so roll on carbon capture and storage! With
regard to renewables, I think we should use as much as practicable and economic, but I
oppose the populist push.

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