The Energy to be Different: Can Developing Countries Model Low-Carbon Prosperity?

Author: Brendan Bowles, Director of Climate Stewards, and


We are talking about developing countries. Most of us do not come from developing
countries and, therefore, they tend to be missed off our perspective of both energy and
climate change. The key thing is that they are developing; they are changing very fast. If
they become like us [in the UK], then there will be all kinds of sticking points, particularly
around energy use and around climate change. So the question we are asking today is ‘Can
developing countries model some kind of low carbon prosperity? Can you develop without
going down the route of oil, coal, and all the things that we have used to develop?’
As part of my role with Climate Stewards, I produce the monthly blog ‘Climate Prayer’ and I
also do the ‘Climate Prayer’ on Twitter which involves quite a lot of research just around what
issues should we as Christians be praying about with regard to climate change, and that
immediately brings in the whole world-wide perspective. It means that I spend quite a lot of
time each day just looking at the impact of energy-related, climate change-related issues on
people around the world.

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