Maintaining Discipleship on the Mission Field

Author: Tim Davy, Web Marketing Officer and Visiting Lecturer, Redcliffe College.


Christian discipleship (that is, growing in our relationship with and likeness to Jesus) is a messy, difficult, and necessary business. Even in the most conducive of circumstances it is not easy to maintain one’s walk with God.1 There are always distractions, things to be done, needs to be met, and so the list goes on. But what about those in ministry, and particularly those in a different cultural context to their own?
This article reflects on the issue of maintaining discipleship on the mission field, with particular reference to the survey results reported in this edition of Encounters. I write this not as an ‘expert’ in the subject of discipleship, but as a fellow-traveller on the journey, who has struggled in my home context and overseas to maintain my own relationship with Christ.

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