Wholly Available? Flexibility and service

Author: Rosemary Foster, Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Director of Placements, Redcliffe College.


‘Here I am, wholly available! As for me, I will serve the Lord.’ (Bowater, 1981) So we sing, sometimes sincerely, sometimes almost glibly – but the results of this survey make me wonder whether in reality, the prospective missionary sings such words with some underlying pre-suppositions … Is the missionary-in training ‘wholly available’ or is it their gifts, experience and skills which are available for use? ‘Here I am – as a trained linguist… as a teacher … as one who has a heart for the poor, as a builder, as a trained and experienced youth worker … of course, Lord, you understand that’s the way in which I am available. That’s who I am and those are the gifts you have given me.” And in case it seems that I am maligning our students – where does such a concept come from? I fear many of us who have been involved in mission for several years may be to blame!

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