Europe – the religious context

Author: Rev Darrell Jackson, Researcher in European Mission and Evangelism, Conference of European Churches & Elder in a Church in Central Europe.


• Gabor Kovacs is a bright, engaging and articulate Hungarian in his mid 30s. He laments the lack of religious education in his youth. He is influenced by the secular atheism of his youth and the secular capitalism of his early career. He feels sure that religious belief and practice will probably help but he is too busy to take it too seriously.
• The National Synod of the Church of Norway’s met during November 2005. The main theme of the Synod was ‘En misjonerende kirke’ (A Missionary Church) and the tension between being an ‘open’ (or volkskirke’) and a ‘missionary church’ acknowledged for the first time in such a public way.
• The Conference of Protestant Churches in Europe recently finished its report Evangelising – Protestant perspectives for the Churches in Europe 2004. Dismissed by some as too pragmatic and practical ( = not sufficiently systematic) it is nevertheless an interesting departure for the paedobaptist Churches in membership of CPCE.

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