In the Eye of the Storm: moving forward with confidence (Issue 21 – December 2007)

Editor: Martin Lee, Global Connections – FORMATION OF A TORNADOIssue 21

Some people seem naturally so confident don’t they, while others appear to be shrinking violets. Why is it that some of us seem to have no confidence, while others appear arrogant and opinionated?

We say we have confidence in God – in his love for us and his Good News for the world. Yet do we really have confidence in God himself – or is it in our own ability or Christian heritage? For those of us who lack confidence, why can’t we seem to trust God more?

With the demise of Christendom, we seem to have lost our confidence, or was it a misplaced confidence based on power and influence? ‘In the eye of the storm’ was an attempt to debate how we can have a proper confidence in God so that we don’t retreat into protecting ourselves from the storm around, or alternatively end up in arrogance and fundamentalism.

I hope you enjoy and are stimulated by the engagement as much as we were.

Martin Lee

Article 1:  Wave Formation, Waves and Learning to Surf.
(Revd Darrell Jackson, 2812 words) PDF -:- Abstract and Discussion

Article 2:  Being Intentionally Missional in a Multi-Cultural Setting: A Case Study.
(Peter Oyugi, 280 words) PDF -:- Abstract and Discussion
Article 3:  When Lightning Strikes: Responding to the Challenge of Fundamentalism.
(David Porter, 2596 words) PDF -:- Abstract and Discussion
Article 4:  Shouting Above the Storm: Speaking Out About Injustice.
(Dr Jonathan Ingleby and Dr Cathy Ross, 6609 words) PDF -:- Abstract and Discussion
Article 5:  Conference Book Highlights.
(Tim Davy, 778 words) PDF -:- Abstract and Discussion

And finally, a single PDF of the whole issue. Ideal for using offline or to make printing easier.

Issue 21:  Single Document Version (in full).
(File size: 228kb)

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