When Lightning Strikes Responding to the challenge of fundamentalism

Author: David Porter, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland.


The essential issue is not our claim to the truth, or not our claim that God has revealed himself in Christ, it is the issue of how we relate that claim to power as we negotiate relationships with one another. Also, what is the context in which that negotiation takes place? When we look at fundamentalism we become aware of the massive challenges that confront our neighbours from within their own faith context. The fundamental challenge for us as Christians, if we want to be meaningful dialogue partners with them, is that we need a truth recovery process about our own dysfunction in this area.
I was very struck this summer, at the 50th anniversary of India/Pakistan independence, that the documentaries that were rolled out by the BBC had a different tone to them, a different articulation of the problems to do with partition and the killings. Some of the analysis I had never seen publicly acknowledged in the British press or in public discussion before, particularly the deliberate run down of the garrison, the systematic demobilisation and the deliberate policy of allowing the British administration to claim immunity by saying ‘what could we do because there weren’t enough of us; had we intervened we would have been overwhelmed and only made things worse.’

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