Internationalising mission in the light of globalisation (Issue 3 December 2004)

Guest Editor: Peter Nicoll, Issue 3 Editor: Peter Nicoll, Operation Mobilisation

Peter Nicoll writes from the perspective of an organisation, Operation Mobilisation, that has always had an eye on mission as a global enterprise.  Yet nobody, organisationally speaking, starts at that point.  Every mission agency begins with some sort of local base and then meets the challenge of internationalising as it becomes involved with people worldwide.

Furthermore while this challenging process is going on, the world does not stand still.  Today we have globalisation!  So the way we need to look at things is not just through a kaleidoscope of cultural perspectives (though that certainly remains a necessity) but through a perspective which understands that, as never before, people are thinking globally and acting accordingly.

So what does this mean for mission?  How, in fact, has the world changed?  How can we draw on the insights of the worldwide church?  What new ways of thinking and acting must churches and agencies adopt so that a new contextualised global mission may emerge?
In clear, precise terms, free from the academic jargon which so frequently surrounds this topic, Peter helps us to think these issues through and challenges us all to respond.

Globalisation and International Mission
(Peter Nicoll, 2021 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion

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