Globalisation and International Mission

Author: Peter Nicoll, Operation Mobilisation


The full reality of globalisation first dawned on me when in 1995 we were stopped by a policeman in Helsinki, Finland, in an American van, with foreign registration plates. The driver was Armenian with a Uruguayan drivers licence. The van was licensed in Belgium, insured in Holland, and brought into the country on a ship registered in Malta. The ship was owned by a British charity, managed by a German company but staffed by over two hundred people from thirty five nations, by an International Missions movement. The reason we were in Helsinki was because we were ministering together with the local churches in Helsinki under the auspices of a Finnish registered organisation.
For years we have been talking about the “Global Village”. The real question is, “Now that we live in it, how do we minister in it and to it?” Leaders in business, information technology, higher education, et al, have been and are taking the globalisation phenomenon very seriously. What about International Mission? The primary implication of globalisation for International Mission is that mission is no longer us sending missionaries to some other needy people, but mission is now from everywhere to everywhere. This must influence our thinking of organisational culture, our international structures and our modus operandi.

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