The revolutionary ethic and the evangelical church in France

Author: Steve Cox, involved in Ministry & Church Development in Vierzon, with European Christian Mission


Children of the revolution
“Just remind me what year we’re in. Is it still 1789?” The journalist sitting next to me smiled and assured me that we were still in the year 2000. Yet the scene that I saw before me that night 6 years ago could have come straight from that turbulent year when the Revolution changed the face of France. One of the town’s deputy mayors was chairing a neighbourhood meeting to discuss local grievances. It was a noisy affair. Men shouted, wept, gesticulated, rallied others to their cause. There was no sign of deference to authority. The deputy mayor is, after all, one amongst equals. That is one of the legacies of the French Revolution. “No master, no God”. Bow the knee to no man.

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