Flourishing in a Resource Constrained World God’s hidden blueprint for his planet

Author: Peter Price-Thomas, Ecochurch


How can we possibly flourish in a resource constrained world? Just surviving seems a hard enough proposition given the challenges that face us. Businesses are being encouraged to design with sustainability in mind.
However, with the current externalities that exist within the economic system it will only get us so far. As for governments, would they ever bring in laws that reduced our standard of living? Indeed, would we ever vote for a politician who promised to? We all know that we need to act more responsibly and yet, for most of us, we do little more than tinker with our lifestyles.
If we are to create the change that is needed, it will have to be because at a deeper level we believe in it. Put another way, unless God is involved we will not see the restoration of creation that He yearns for. Christians therefore have a key role to play in helping to create a more sustainable world.

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