Shaping Life and Ministry: Missionaries and the Old Testament.

Author: Julio, Third year degree student, Redcliffe College.


How significant is the Old Testament to missionaries who are immersed in their ‘mission situation’? What role does it play in the nitty-gritty of life and ministry? We asked a number of current and former Redcliffe students about their experiences of the Old Testament in the context of their own mission circumstances. Although a relatively small sample, they represent a rich diversity of ages, cultural backgrounds and ministry roles. Many regions are represented either in the background of the students or in the contexts in which they have worked or are working. These include: Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, India, South East Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia.
We were encouraged by the results of the survey. It seems that missionaries can draw much from the Old Testament, particularly valuing its honesty, vitality and variety. May we all be inspired to dig deeper as a result.

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