A Kiss of Heaven: Abraham, Global Blessing, and Civil Society

Author:  Name withheld, working in Central Asia.


For followers of Jesus preparing for a life of cross-cultural blessing, Abraham is no stranger. The blessing of Abraham (Gen. 12:2-3) is foundational theology in mission training. Unfortunately, missiological analysis of the life of Abraham often does not go beyond this initial call. It is a regrettable oversight, for in a remarkable way Abraham’s life demonstrates key aspects of the way a Christian is to bring blessing to the nations.
Looking at Abraham’s life from another missiological angle involves engaging with Samuel Huntington’s ideas regarding his infamous Clash of Civilisations. Whether or not one agrees with Huntington’s analysis of the current global situation, one thing is certain: there is extreme religion loose in the world and it is endangering the planet. How do Jesus followers – called to bless the nations – bring healing and reconciliation, spiritual and social blessing, to a fractured world?

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