Chris Wright’s The Mission of God: A Missiologist’s Perspective.

Author: Dr Kang San Tan, Head of Mission Studies, Redcliffe College.


This review seeks to highlight The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative’s contribution to missiology and our understanding of Christian mission. In 1999, at the WEA Iguassu Consultation, I first heard Chris Wright express his critique that David Bosch, in Transforming Mission (1991), devoted rather limited space to the study of Old Testament texts for mission theology. In his new book, Wright devotes about two-thirds of his discussion to Old Testament texts. The above observation points to the book’s distinctive contribution in developing a Christian understanding of mission, not only from the New Testament, but beginning with the Old Testament. Wright is International Director of Langham Partnership International and former Principal of All Nations Christian College.
The Mission of God is organised along three major focal points of the worldview of Israel (God, people and earth). After discussing the concept of a missional hermeneutic, Wright develops, in part 2, the assertion that the living God wills to be known to the world through Israel and through the church. In part 3, he moves on to the study of “The People of Mission” by examining biblical themes such as election, redemption, covenant and ethics. Wright concludes with a discussion on “The Arena of Mission” by considering the themes of earth, and the nations in relation to mission.

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