Mission Reading Recommendations

Compiled by Tim Davy, co-editor of Encounters.


Summer can be a great time for reading, so we asked a selection of mission-minded people what books they would recommend. I’ll get the ball rolling with three recommendations of my own. The Soul of Mission (Pustaka Sufes. Sdn. Bhd), edited by Kang-San Tan, is a refreshing and varied collection of essays written on the themes of spirituality, leadership, history and mission in an East Asian context. There is much to learn and enjoy even (perhaps, especially!) if, like me, you are not very familiar with that region.
John Ortberg’s The Life You’ve Always Wanted (Zondervan) is full of wisdom, humour, profundity and common sense regarding spiritual growth. An immensely encouraging read, Ortberg has a gift for sifting through the pretence of our self-delusions and points us to a more genuine discipleship.
Finally, a book about statistics! By far the book that has sharpened my critical thinking the most this year is Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot’s The Tiger that Isn’t (Profile). A genuinely entertaining read, it shows how numbers can be used, abused and (mis)understood. I cannot hear statistics in the news or in my research without thinking of this book.

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