Pioneer Missions With today’s emphasis on unreached peoples and frontier missions is there still any justification for missions outside such categories?

Author: Siegmar Göhner


Siegmar Göhner is a missionary working in northern Uganda in the area of pioneer groups and discipleship; his wife is a medical doctor. The essay examines the matter of imbalance regarding the emphasis of most missions when it comes to involvement in reaching out to new and ‘unreached’ peoples. He questions our understanding of ‘unreached’ and the sufficiency of pioneer missions alone. Any engagement in missions requires a clear understanding of the mandate of The Great Commission the fulfilment of which he sees as a process which we have attempted to oversimplify. The whole world remains the domain of missions in Göhner’s thinking. He goes on to look at Paul’s strategies and practices in the light of today’s emphases in mission and believes that we have tended to misinterpret many of his procedures and goals.

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