Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from Uganda

Part of Issue 44 – Reading the Bible with The Global Church

Author: Wankuma Abel Kibbedi, Lecturer Education and Theology, Uganda Christian University


It is very interesting how people want to only hear what their ears itch to hear. For the western world, most theologians are interested in reading from Western books, magazines and journals, and African Theology is limping slowly towards conforming to ‘the true Christian’ theology. They would rather hear this than read for themselves the strands that Christians and African theologians are making in terms of Biblical scholarship, interpretation and in the furtherance of the Christian faith. Many want to keep the thought that Christianity though spreading like a wild fire in Africa is still miles wide and an inch deep. (Jenkins, 2006, p.186). This is unfortunate because unless one steps out of one’s comfort zone, the suburban to the deep villages, the seminaries to the universities and Churches in Africa, then can they appreciate what God is doing here? Eddie Arthur’s Redcliffe lecture steps out of that comfort zone to critically analyze how the Bible is being read by the global church which we feel is right on when it comes to the African perception of the Bible and how it should be ‘listened to’ or read according to Arthur.

Full PDF: Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from Uganda

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