Beyond the Preamble: Searching for God in a secularising Europe.

Author: Rev Darrell Jackson, Conference of European Churches


1. The Challenge of Europe

The absence of any reference to God or the Christian faith in the Preamble of the European Constitution and the manifest failure of the European Churches to change the minds of the politicians highlights the extent to which current European policy making takes place in a secular vacuum. The Constitution guarantees the Christian churches a permanent consultative role within the European institutions but even this fails to assure individual believers that European policy makers take sufficiently seriously the motivating ability of the Christian faith. This is strange given the most recent work of Jürgen Habermas, the German neo-Marxist philosopher who suggests, persuasively, that Europe may be seeing a ‘return to the religious’, and uses the term ‘post-secular’ to describe this latest phenomena in the career of religion within European history.

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