Notes from Martin Lee

Author: Martin Lee.


It is always hard to have an overview of key issues – as there are so many. For your interest, we are thinking about using the next Global Connections conference (November 4th to 6th 2009) to look at either:
a) What do conversion, transformation and similar words really mean to us? Are we trying to Christianise people and make them adapt to our model of Christian culture, or to bring to a living relationship with God?
b) What do we mean by mission? Are the five marks of mission (proclamation, discipleship, loving service, justice and creation care) a helpful model? Probably also reflecting on the Mission of God and integral mission as well (integral in the sense of mission being our DNA, not our Western interpretation of that term to try to bring together evangelism and social action).
These two issues actually undergird much of the practice of mission and I would be pleased to hear people’s views on these issues.
With regard to Encounters, I do wonder if there have been some major trends missing.

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