Soul to Soul: Christian Mission and the Future of Europe (Issue 18 – June 07)

Editor: Rob Hay

Just over a year ago in Issue 11 of Encounters (April 06) we asked the question “Can the South save the West?” – Jonathan Ingleby presented this very thought provoking challenge in the 2006 Redcliffe Lectures in World Christianity.  This year the lectures were given by Darrell Jackson – Centre Director of the new European Research Centre which will launch at Redcliffe in the Autumn.  Darrell begins by asking if Europe has lost it’s soul; indeed he asks if evangelicals, including the World Evangelical Alliance, have unwittingly contributed to mission losing its soul.

He then moves on to explore the evangelical contribution to mission in Europe in both the past and present and concludes with some radical suggestions for their future contribution. One-page summaries of each lecture can be found below.

We also have a fascinating and well researched profile on Irish Catholicism from John Tuttlebee who has worked in the Republic of Ireland for many years with European Christian Mission.  We also have our usual book reviews.

Look out for the next issue on August 1st for a special holiday issue with some material for you to ponder and be refreshed by whilst you are away.

Bush, Babushkas and Barroso: has mission in Europe lost its soul?
How do competing political assessments of Europe influence and inform the theology and practice of mission in the region?

Popes, Patriarchs and Protestants: is Evangelical missiology any closer to finding Europe’s missing soul?
How is the practice of mission in Europe by Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches influenced by their theologians? Are the Evangelical churches of Europe any closer to offering a more appropriate response to the Continent’s spiritual climate?

Country Profile:  Is Irish Catholocism Dying?
(John Tuttlebee, 2934 words) PDF -:-  Abstract & Discussion

Book Review 1: Jesus Says Go.
(by Robin Wells; Lion Hudson)
Book Review 2: Eat This Book: The Art of Spiritual Reading.
(by Eugene Peterson; Hodder & Stoughton)

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