A Response to Tony Whittaker on ‘Evangelism, Mission, and that New-fangled Interweb Thingy’

Part of Issue 31 – Technology and Mission

Author: Ceri Longville, Web Developer with OSCAR. Ceri has an MA in Global


I find Tony’s article an encouraging read. The potential power of the Internet as a God given tool within mission is a subject that deserves a much higher profile in the academic world, in the church and in para-church organisations. When I was doing my research for my Masters dissertation, the Internet Evangelism Day website was the most comprehensive site I found on the Internet pointing to a wealth of resources from around the world. I would have found my study near impossible without it.
I see it as very significant that the article begins by laying out the change in ‘communication cultures’. Once grasped by people who did not grow up with technology, it can help promote an understanding of how many of us will need to change our approach of communicating the Gospel in order to affectively engage with “citizens of the digital age”. It is a whole new area of cross-cultural mission, only this time our borders are from ‘print’ to ‘digital’. As stressed, the digital divide is sweeping the world, yet it is a subject you will seldom find on a college curriculum and I think this is food for thought.

Full article PDF:
A Response to Tony Whittaker “Evangelism, Mission and that New Fangled Interweb Thingy

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