Lights / Camera / Mission: Why using video is essential for mobilising Generation-Y.

Part of Issue 31 – Technology and Mission

Author: James Clarke is a church youth pastor and mission mobiliser, and runs RedArke Productions, a company seeking to develop the video production capabilities and approach of UK mission organisations.


I asked one of the girls in my youth group recently when she was born. I’m terrible with ages, especially when it comes to teenagers. Something of a blind spot for a youth pastor, I know. But even I was shocked when she said ‘1993’. Ninety-three?! Now I’ve always considered myself young, and I’m still the better side of my mid-twenties, but I remember that year! I remember where I was that year, what I was interested in, who my friends were and what I got for Christmas. And yet here is one of millions born in 1993, who are sixteen going-on seventeen. She is choosing her University preferences and has a car sitting on the drive waiting for the moment in a couple of months when she passes her test and becomes a driver. Scary, when 1993 seems like only yesterday. If we subscribe to the current fashion of ‘generation-ology’ – we find that she was born right on the cusp of ‘Generation-Z’. Where we go beyond that, who knows? But worryingly, I’m becoming old hat now, way back in Generation-Y.

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Lights/ Camera/ Mission – Why using video is essential for mobilising generation-Y

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