Jeremiah and mission in the public square A response on behalf of Bible Society

Author: Revd Dr David Spriggs is Bible and Church Consultant at Bible Society.


Bible Society has followed with interest the unfolding of the missional hermeneutic which Dr Wright is exploring. A warm reception was given to an earlier paper, ‘Mission as a Matrix for Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology’, presented to the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar in 2003. These Seminars were sponsored by Bible Society throughout almost ten years.
Bible Society has recognised the contribution to the contemporary missional task which the Bible can and should be making, as well as, of course the long association of the Bible with the mission of the church which was so evident in the nineteenth century, which coincided with the founding century of Bible Society. We are committed to this because we recognise that the Bible is a missionary text for a missionary people. We go even further and believe that the Bible itself can have a missional function. In the contemporary context in England and Wales we are seeking to support the mission of the churches by engaging four aspects of our culture particularly with the Bible. These are arts, education, media and politics. I will make some brief comments on the political arena as it relates to this paper.

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