Toward a Maturing Chinese Mission

Author: Lee Loun Ling, OMF International


At the 2nd CCCOWE (Chinese Coordinating Committee on World Evangelization) Women’s Missions Conference held in East Malaysia (June 2005), Dr Tan Chui Eng, academic dean of Biblical Seminary of the Philippines delivered her paper on “New Trends in Missions”. In it, she highlighted the worldwide growth of Christianity in the Two-Thirds World, including Asia and, in particular, the growth of the Chinese churches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. According to the updated data provided by Cyrus Lam of Go International for Enoch Wan’s article (2003), the number of overseas Chinese churches globally (i.e. not including churches in China) had grown from about 4000 in the 70s to about 8780 churches today. Yet Chinese Christians should be cautioned against complacency as the huge task of evangelizing the Chinese around the world and in China is far from over.

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