Darren Evans’ rejoinder

Author: Darren Evans


Darren Evans, lecturer in conservation biology at the University of Hull
With the world currently hurtling towards what many scientists term the ‘sixth mass extinction ENREF 1’ of life on Earth, we find ourselves facing enormous global problems. For many animals, the future looks particularly bleak. Currently 25% of the world’s mammals, 13% of birds and 41% of amphibians are threatened with extinction2 (it is almost impossible to calculate a figure for invertebrates, many of which have yet to be discovered), mostly as a result of human exploits. It has therefore perhaps never been timelier for us to explore The place of Animals in the Purposes of God and Rob’s lecture is an excellent attempt at bringing together genuine insights from science, history and Scripture. Inevitably such an approach will draw controversy both from scientists and theologians, but we must make space for, and encourage, intelligent debate.

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