Dr. Martin Hodson’s Rejoinder

Author: Dr. Martin Hodson


I have spent most of the last few months writing an undergraduate text book on plant science. Much time has gone on thinking about how the plant works, looking into the latest discoveries in molecular biology, pondering how plants interact with their environments, with each other, with pathogens, and with animals. So I found it somewhat ironic when Rob asked me to comment on his paper, “The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God”, just a few days before we handed in our final manuscript on plant science to the publishers. As a plant scientist with environmental leanings I would certainly not regard myself as an expert on “creaturely theology”, but I have read quite a bit on this area, particularly from students on the various courses I have taught. The first thing to say is that Rob has covered the ground in a very comprehensive and comprehensible way, and that if anyone wanted a good introduction to this topic then here it is! Having said that there are a few areas where I could add some comments and ideas so here goes.

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