The Psalms and Mission (Issue 33 – May 2010)

Issue 33 Editor: Tim Davy

12 May 2010 saw the public launch of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, a new Redcliffe College initiative aiming to serve the Church by engaging in research, teaching, writing and speaking on mission in the Bible, and the Bible in mission thinking, practice and training.

In my editorial I outline the activities of the Centre in more detail, one of which is to produce an annual issue of Encounters on a Bible and mission theme. This current edition focuses on The Psalms and Mission. The launch event also included Redcliffe’s 2010 Annual Lecture in Bible and Mission, delivered by Prof. Gordon Wenham on the theme of ‘The Nations in the Psalms’. The lecture is provided in full along with responses from myself, Eddie Arthur (Wycliffe Bible Translators) and David Spriggs (Bible Society).

Brian Russell and Tony Hughes outline missional readings of particular psalms, and a Redcliffe student offers a fascinating vision for the use of psalms of lament in order to help prevent missionary attrition. Finally, with kind permission from the author and Paternoster Press, we have included Ian Stackhouse’s chapter on Praying the Psalms from his book, The Day is Yours: Slow Spirituality in a Fast-Moving World.

I trust you will enjoy this edition of Encounters. Please read, reflect and join in the conversation.

Tim Davy teaches Biblical Studies and is Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission at Redcliffe College. He writes the Bible and Mission blog and also edited issues 17 and 29 of Encounters on the themes of Mission and the Old Testament and The Bible and Mission.

Editorial:  The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission.
(Tim Davy, 761 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
The Nations in the Psalms.

(Prof Gordon Wenham, 5513 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
The Nations in the Psalms and the Psalms in the Nations – a response.

(Tim Davy, 912 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
Psalms 1-2 as an Introduction to Reading the Psalms Missionally.

(Dr Brian Russell, 2083 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
Reflections on the Nations in the Psalms.

(Eddie Arthur, 485 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
The Nations in Isaiah 40-55.

(Rev Dr David Spriggs, 1218 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
Missionary Attrition and the Psalms of Lament.

(Name withheld, 1041 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
A Missional Reading of Psalm 47.

(Tony Hughes, 1664 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion
Praying the Psalms.

(Rev Dr Ian Stackhouse, 2598 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion

Book Review:  Transformation after Lausanne: Radical Evangelical Mission in Global-local Perspective. (by Al Tizon; Regnum Books)
Book Review:  Understanding and Using the Bible.
(edited by Christopher J.H. Wright and Jonathan Lamb; SPCK)
And finally, a single PDF of the whole issue. Ideal for using offline or to make printing easier.

Issue 33 (pdf 381 KB)

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