The Toxic Mission Organisation: fact or fiction (Issue 2 October 2004)

Issue 2  Editor: Rob Hay skull and cross bone sign

I have spent the last two years working on the World Evangelical Alliance: Missions Commission ReMAPII survey of the world mission’s workforce.  We explored mission agency practices and their relationship to retention.  Effectively what missions do that help people to stay on the mission field and what they do that causes people to leave!

In parallel to this I have been doing an MA thesis on Toxic Organisations – what constitutes an unhealthy organisation that inhibits the healthy functioning and flourishing of its people.  In this article I have attempted to highlight some of the key questions I believe these two pieces of work raise for world mission.  We began to wrestle with some of these last week at the Care for Mission/Global Connections conference – Healed Enough, Well Enough.  They are questions like ‘What is the difference between sacrifice and burnout?’, ‘Are our people an expense or an asset?’, ‘Do we value them less because they raise their own support and do not cost us?’ and ‘Is satisfaction relevant to missionaries?’.

Being healthy growing people seems to be God’s intention for each and every one of us and indeed for our organisations, but what does this mean in practice?  There are questions to consider at the end of each section of my article.

The Toxic Mission Organisation
(Rob Hay 3677 words) PDF -:- Abstract & Discussion

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