What Should We Be Doing Now?

Author: What Should We Be Doing Now?


Ajith Fernando is the Country Director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka. Here he has kindly let us publish a paper he wrote to the Church in Sri Lanka, to his fellow believers. It was what he felt was God’s challenge to them in the midst of the crisis. It was not something he sat down and thought long and hard about as you can read below. I will let him tell it in his own words:
“On January 3 we had our first day at work in office which was a staff prayer day. I was to speak and struggled till 2.00 a.m. about what to speak, ending up with a message which I thought was appropriate. In the morning when I was praying and preparing for the day I felt it was not Ok so I prepared another message. Then I felt that too was not correct. I left for the 15 minute drive to the meeting place with my daughter and told her, I have nothing to speak about, but I think God will help me. I suddenly got some thoughts in the van and when the staff were having their time of praise I jotted them down. I think the Lord blessed it. A friend told me I should write something to help the church at this time. And I am a guy who normally spends hours and hours preparing a talk!!”

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