Bible and Mission: A Conversation Between Biblical Studies and Missiology – Book Review

A Conversation Between Biblical Studies and Missiology
Editors:  Rollin G. Grams, I. Howard Marshall, Peter F. Penner and Robin Routledge
Publisher:  Neufeld Verlag
ISBN 13:  9783937896694

Book Review by  Tim Davy, co-editor of Encounters and Assistant Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Redcliffe College.

This collection of essays on the theme of Bible and Mission comes out of International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague. The book contains a number of impressive articles that explore the relationship between Biblical Studies and Missiology. For those interested in the field(s) of Bible and Mission there is much to enjoy here:

1. Mission and Covenant in the Old Testament – Robin Routledge
2. Some Geographical and Intertextual Dimensions of Matthew’s Mission Theology – Rollin G. Grams
3. The Use of the Book of Acts in Mission Theology and Praxis – Peter F. Penner
4. Paul’s Mission According to Romans – I. Howard Marshall
5. Reconciliation as a Missiological Category for Social Engagement: A Pauline Perspective from Romans 12:1-21 – Corneliu Constanteanu
6. The Personification of Righteousness within a Metaphoric and Narratorial Setting: A Perspective on the Content of Paul’s Proclamation of the Gospel – David Southall
7. The Status and Calling of Strangers and Exiles: Mission According to First Peter – Christoph Stenschke
8. Missions, the Judgment of God, and the Centrality of Scripture – A Response to David Macdonald Paton from 2 Peter – Scott Hafemann
9. How a Missiologist Utilizes the Bible – J. Andrew Kirk
10. The Bible, the Qur’an and Mission – David W. Shenk

An array of methodological approaches were used in the book, which were often enlightening. A number of different texts and themes were explored but, as the contents list illustrates, the book was rather narrowly focused on the New Testament. Half of the ten papers concentrated on the New Testament Epistles (including three on Romans). Only one (albeit excellent) essay was devoted to the Old Testament. Given the increasing interest in this particular aspect of missional readings of Scripture, this was a shame.

Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend Bible and Mission. It is a welcome addition to the growing literature on the interface between Biblical Studies and missiology.

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