Grove Books: A selection of books received – Book Review

Grove Books: A selection of books received
Book Review by Tim Davy, Reviews editor for Encounters.

Grove Books describe their booklets as 28-page explorations of Christian life and ministry. New titles are published every few months in eight different series: Biblical, Ethics, Evangelism, Pastoral, Renewal, Spirituality, Worship, and Youth.

Their strapline is “Not the last word but often the first”, which I think sums up the booklets perfectly. They are long enough to have something meaty to say while short enough to actually get read!

In what follows I list a number of titles sent to Encounters by Grove Books. They reflect the wide variety of topics addressed by Grove, from the gospel of Mark’s portrayal of Jesus, to preaching at weddings; from the place of the pub in evangelism, to a response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

If you would like to review any of them, do get in touch.

Publicity and the Local Church by Nicola David
Whose Delusion? Responding to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins by Mike Starkey
Pints of View: Encounters Down the Pub by Peter Howell-Jones and Nick Wills
Conversion Today by Gavin Wakefield
A Gay-Straight Dialogue by ‘Michael’ and ‘Chris’
Preaching at Weddings by Rod Symmons
Renewal: What is it and What is for? by Alison Morgan
Christian Festivals: Reclaiming a Biblical Theology by Mark Fraser
Engaging Emotions: The Need for Emotions in the Church by James Dow
Ordination Rites in Common Worship by Colin Buchanan
Mothering Sunday by Em Coley
Vulnerable Learning: Thinking Theologically about Higher Education by Mike Higton
Soul Spark: A Short Course Exploring Prayer and Spiritual Growth by Nick Helm
Beyond Tragic Spirituality by David Kettle
Mark’s Jesus by John Proctor.

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