Issue 47 – Summer 17 ‘Hospitality and Mission’ (Editors Tim Davy and Chris Ducker)

Five Faces of Hospitality Chris Ducker
Hostility, Hospitality and Hope Tim Davy
Hospitality and Islam Colin Edwards
“What? More Visitors?!” Rosie Button

Issue 46 – September 13 ‘From the Bookshelf to the Classroom and Beyond’ (Editors Graham Dancy and Tim Davy)

A collection of book reviews

Issue 45 – July 13 ‘A Many Colour Vision of Hope’ (Editor Hugh Kemp)

Buddhist Conversion Hugh Kemp
Prayer Spaces in Schools: A New Enquiry into Creativity and Children’s Prayers in a Gloucestershire (UK) School Helen McGeoch
Prayer Spaces in Schools: Interview with Joe Knight Hugh Kemp

Issue 44 – March 13 ‘Reading the Bible with the Global Church (Editor Tim Davy)

Reading the Bible with The Global Church Eddie Arthur
Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from the UK David Spriggs
Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from the US Brian Russel
Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from Uganda Wankuma Abel Kibbedi
Reading the Bible with The Global Church – A Response from Malaysia Anthony Loke

Issue 43 – December 12 ‘More New Voices in Mission’ (Editor Tim Davy)

Labouring and Listening Together Chris Ducker
The Perceptions of a Missional Lifestyle amongst European Generation Y Christians Joanne Appleton
The Levitical Priesthood and the Mission of God Nicolas Haydock
A Critical Evaluation of the Contextualisation of Alpha France Amy Roche

Issue 42 – October 12 Christian Perspective on Water – Local and global challenges in time of scarcity and plenty (Editor Andy Kingston-Smith)

Water – Global Challenges for the 21st Century Frank Greaves
‘Has the rain a father?’ A biblical theology of water Dr John Bimson
Just Add Water: transforming communities by providing the missing ingredient Barbara Brighouse
Trees in the Desert – Drought, Curse and Renewal in the Bible Jeremy Williams
Us and Them: A Personal Take on Environmental Justice from the Perspective of Everyday Life Steve Moreby

Issue 41 – July 12 Sport and Mission  (Guest Editor Simon Steer)

Sport and Christianity in the 21st Century Andrew Parker
Sport and Mission Stuart Weir
A once in a Lifetime Opportunity: A post Olympic Legacy for sports mission through local church ministry in the UK Graham Daniel

Issue 40 – April 12 De-Mything Economic Well-being; Biblical and Theological Responses to Economic Injustice (Editor Andy & Carol Kingston-Smith)

Biblical Clues to a New Economy Ulrich Duchrow
Economic Injustice – a Mythological Perspective Jonathan Ingleby
Economic Justice Matter; The Iniquity of Unfair Trade and Global Tax-dodging Sue Richardson
A Biblical Perspective on Wealth, Poverty and Properity Terry Lockyer
Business that seeks the Well-being of Society Marikke Hoek
The Occupy Movement, Worship and the Imagination of the Church James Butler
Westerners’ Involvement in Projects in Africa: Hinderance, Help or Neccesity? Jim Harries

Issue 39 – January 12 Global Leadership in an age of unknowing (Editor Rob Hay)

A collection of book reviews

Issue 38 – September 11 The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God (Editor Dr Rob Cook)

The place of Animals in the Purposes of God (transcript) Dr Rob Cook
Dan Button’s Rejoinder Dr Dan Button
Dr Dee Carter’s Rejoinder Dr Dee Carter
Darren Evan’s Rejoinder Darren Evans
Dr Martin Hodson’s Rejoinder Dr Martin Hodson
Steve Hughes’ Rejoinder Steve Hughes
Prof Tony Lane’s Rejoinder Prof Tony Lane
Dr Simon Steer’s Rejoinder Dr Simon Steer
Rev Dr Richard Sturch’s Rejoinder Rev Dr Richard Sturch
Rob Cook’s Surrejoinder Dr Rob Cook
The Philosophical Basis for Animal Ethics Dr Rob Cook
The Philosophical Basis for Animal Ethics – Post Lecture Dialogues Dr Rob Cook

Issue 37 – June 11 Energising the Future – Challenge and Change (Editor Andy Kingston-Smith)

Energy Overview; What is the Role for Coal and can it be Clean? Andy Brown
Practical and Moral Outcomes with Renewable Energy John Twidell
Nuclear Energy Ian Hore-Lacy
The Energy to be Different; Can Developing Countries Model Low-carbon Prosperity? Brendan Bowles
Womb rights: a Reflection on Bolivia’s Proposed Law of Mother Earth Carol Kingston-Smith
The Contribution of Eco-feminism and Indigenous Religions to a Theology of the Environment Janet Parsons
Burning up or Being Renewed? Ben Aldous

Issue 36 – March 11 Faith in Europe (Editor Darrell Jackson)

A Christian Europe(an): the forgotten vision of Robert Shuman Jeff Fountain
Assimilation or integration: migrants in Europe Joanne Appleton
Believing in Grace Davie: what does she bring to an understanding of mission in Europe? Chris Ducker

Issue 35 – Justice and Mission (Editors: Andy and Carol Kingston-Smith)

Global Mission and Justice – Snapshots from History Dr Dewi Hughes
Justice and Eschatology – A Response to Dr Dewi Hughes Dr Jonathan Ingleby
Caring Wisely in a Globalised World Carol Kingston-Smith
Bodies for Sale: Globalised Trafficking for the Sex Trade – An Interview with Helen Sworn founder of Chab Dai, Cambodia Carol Kingston-Smith
Speaking up for Justice – Connecting Church and Government Rachel Davies
Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly – An interview with Sheryl Haw, International Director, Micah Network Andy Kingston-Smith
Act now! Inspiring Churches to act on Climate Justice Ben Niblett
Is Fairtrade the Same as Just Trade? A Direct Trade Perspective Ian Meredith
A Case Study of Relational Justice and Patterns of Familial Violence – Muhabura District, Uganda Mission The Rt. Rev. Cranmer Mugisha

Issue 34 – Resourcing Asian Mission Movements (Editor Dr. Kang-San Tan)

Equipping and Resourcing of Asian Mission Movements Dr Jacob Thomas
Equipping and Resourcing of Asian Mission Movements – Response to Dr Jacob Thomas Dr Jonathan Ingleby
Resourcing and Developing Christian Apologetics in South Asia: Exploring sustainable resourcing of indigenous and emerging Asian mission movements and the potential for partnerships Asif Mall
Resourcing and Developing Christian Apologetics in South Asia – A response to Asif Mall John Hayward
Concern for the City Dr Florence Tan
Asian Mission Consultation 2010 Workshop Report: Emerging Mission Movements Anton Ponomarev
Asian Mission Consultation 2010 Workshop Report: Mentoring Asian Leaders Simon Cozens
Asian Mission Consultation 2010 Workshop Report: Muslim Background Believers Dr Robert Dutch
Asian Mission Consultation 2010 Workshop Report:  Money and Mission – What Are The Issues? Henrietta Cozen

Issue 33 – The Psalms and Mission (Editor Tim Davy)

Editorial:  The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission Tim Davy
The Nations in the Psalms Prof Gordon Wenham
The Nations in the Psalms and the Psalms in the Nations – a response Tim Davy
Psalms 1-2 as an Introduction to Reading the Psalms Missionally Dr Brian Russell
Reflections on the Nations in the Psalms Eddie Arthur
The Nations in Isaiah 40-55 Rev Dr David Spriggs
Missionary Attrition and the Psalms of Lament Name withheld
A Missional Reading of Psalm 47 Tony Hughes
Praying the Psalms Rev Dr Ian Stackhouse

Issue 32 – Christianity and World Religions (Editor Dr Kang-San Tan)

A Survey of Current Theologies of Religion Dr Robert Dutch
What’s Wrong with Reincarnation? Dr Rob Cook
The Indwelling of the Spirit: A Hindu-Christian reflection Dr Christina Manohar
Sheik-ing the Towers of Faith Andy Kingston-Smith

Issue 31 – Technology and Mission (Editors Mike Frith and Tim Davy)

How Technology has Affected, and is Affecting, Mission Tim Young
Evangelism, Mission, and that New-fangled Interweb Thingy Tony Whittaker
A Response to Tony Whittaker on ‘Evangelism, Mission, and that New-fangled Interweb Thingy’ Ceri Longville
What a Difference a Decade Makes: OSCAR’s observations on changes in technology Mike Frith
Lights / Camera / Mission: Why using video is essential for mobilising Generation-Y James Clarke
Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Use of Social Media: A case study Phil Prior

Issue 30 – Asian Mission Movements: Competition or Collaboration? Editor Dr Kang-San Tan

A Critical Appraisal of Korean Missionary Work: Challenges for Western and Global South Missionaries Dr Julie Ma
A Response to Julie Ma on Korean Missionary Work Dr Jonathan Ingleby
Looking Back to Move Forward: Some Lessons and Challenges from Mission History Mark Laing
New and Emerging Mission Movements and Older Mission Agencies: Is meaningful partnership possible? Revd Canon Mark Oxbrow
Asian Migrant Churches in Europe Sung Hoon Kim
South Asian Christian Ministry: A case study of Bradford Canon Dr Arun John
Leadership of Asian Mission Movements Dr Kang-San Tan
Models of missional engagement in Asia: The experience of CMS in Asia Revd Phil Simpson
Models of missional engagement in Asia: A case study of OMF International Revd Dr Warren R. Beattie
Asian Mission Movements: Report on a consultation held at Redcliffe College, UK, 10-11 June 2009 Revd Canon Mark Oxbrow

Issue 29 – The Bible and Mission (Editor Tim Davy)

Lecture: “Prophet to the Nations”: Missional Reflections on the Book of Jeremiah Revd Dr Chris Wright
Lecture question and answer session
A UK pastor’s perspective John Risbridger
A missional hermeneutic and Scripture engagement Eddie Arthur
Jeremiah and mission in the public square Revd Dr David Spriggs
What does mission in exile really look like? Dr Krish Kandiah
Breaking open the text Dr Brian Russell
Missional hermeneutics: some opportunities and questions Dr Milton Acosta
Missional hermeneutics in a Malaysian context
Revd Anthony Loke
Missional hermeneutics in an Indian context
Rabbi and Chitra Jayakaran

Issue 28 – Mission and the Environment in a Finite World (Editor Andy Kingston-Smith)

Special Editorial:  New Editorial Board and Format for Encounters Dr Kang-San Tan
True Wealth (Part One: Old Testament) – God’s blueprint for justice-based living Dr Dewi Hughes
True Wealth (Part Two: New Testament) – Jesus’ radical Kingdom-ethics message Dr Dewi Hughes
Flourishing in a Resource Constrained World: God’s hidden blueprint for his planet Peter Price-Thomas
God’s Indelible Imprint: Thumbs up for global change! Andy Kingston-Smith

Issue 27 – New Voices in Mission (Editor Rob Hay)

Blind Spots, Bias and Encouragements – Engaging with new writers on familiar themes Rob Hay
Friend or Foe? An evangelical engaging Latin American Liberation Theology James Clarke
Islamic Feminism as articulated by Fatima Mernissi and its Implications for Christian Mission Claire Noon
Pioneer Missions: With today’s emphasis on unreached peoples and frontier missions is there still any justification for missions outside such categories? Siegmar Göhner
Raising Awareness of the Bible in Contemporary British Society: A case study of young adults who are not involved in a faith community F. Morgan

Issue 26 – Something to Think About (Editor Dr Jonathan Ingleby)

Emerging Themes in Mission:  A survey and summary Jonathan Ingleby
Notes from Ida Glaser Ida Glaser
Notes from Jonathan Rowe Jonathan Rowe
Notes from Matin Lee Martin Lee
Notes from Paul Thaxter Paul Thaxter
Notes from Rose Dowsett Rose Dowsett

Issue 25 – Mission Reading (Editor Tim Davy)

Mission Reading Recommedations Various; Compiled by Tim Davy
On Publishing from Everywhere to Everywhere: An interview with Pieter Kwant Interview by Tim Davy
Fictional Mission: An introduction to and bibliography for missionaries in fiction Richard Johnson
The Top 25 Business as Mission Books Originally compiled by the Business as Mission Network

Issue 24 – Partnership Issues in Asian Mission (Editor J.M. Appleton)

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